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This is our interview with client, community member, and dear friend Jeff Vahldick. What a great story! Please watch our conversation here.

Jeff had a seemingly normal childhood. However, at a very young age, he witnessed his father abuse his mother. As he was developing a deep hatred for his father, his father then saved his life! What a dichotomy!

After his parents split up, Jeff became a part of a new family where his older step-brother dominated and sexually abused him.

What a rough childhood. And Jeff is not alone.

Jeff is now living the dream and there are many reasons for it:

  • 👉🏽 Deep reflection and therapy. As an adult, an injury forced Jeff into reflection, which then led to finding a therapist that allowed him to open up about his past. Finding a therapist that was a good fit was hard! But his perseverance paid off.
  • 👉🏽 Volunteer work led to unexpected opportunities. With his newfound passion for life, and ultra compassion for others, Jeff volunteered for things he cared about. His volunteer work led to him being on the board of directors for several domestic abuse organizations. This is where he found his true passion.
  • 👉🏽 Jeff found a way to simplify his health and leveled up. Jeff found the gift of health. He found me, the SHT, and CrossFit. His vibrant health has facilitated him to show up even better to the causes he believes in.

I hope you enjoy this conversation. And if you know of anyone in an abusive situation, or if you know of someone taking care of someone in an abusive situation, have them reach out to Jeff through his personal email and/or visit

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