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make your health a priority

By March 24, 2019No Comments

make your health a priority this week.

it will make everything better. here are some things to think about.



  • wake time? what time do you need to get up to make everything work?
  • bedtime? this will dictate what time you need to go to bed, ideally 7 hours of bedtime.


natural movement


meditation & mindfulness

  • when are you going to find some time to meditate and have some quiet time? think about it now and block it out in your mind.
  • all you need starting out is about 7 minutes. if you need help, try this app.


real food

  • how are you going to make real food work this week? remember 2 meals per day = freedom. there’s not a whole lot of planning that needs to go into it. make something to carry with you to work, and know what you’re going to eat when you get home.
  • what are you doing for your carbohydrates? remember, chips and ice cream, even if approved, are not optimal. make a commitment to fresh prepared safe starches and fresh fruit. pears are in season now and they are great. strawberries are also coming in season.
  • what are you going to be experimenting with? remember, we always want to be going without something as an experiment. what is your experiment this week?
  • not sure where to start with food? try our freemium video and handouts here.


simplicity & elegance

  • where can you simplify this week? what can you commit to keeping clean and straight?
  • start by making your bed every morning.
  • also consider starting with the most frequently used areas in your home. maybe start with keeping your kitchen and bathroom space immaculate after every use, so that when you come home, it feels good.



make space today. get outside. get barefoot. get dirty. unwind. do something fun. have a drink. spend time with people you care about. this is the best way to start your week.

P.S. have you heard about our SHT Lifestyle kicking off this coming Saturday?

Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach