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consistency with fitness | health & performance conversations

this is a recap conversation me and my fitness mento Colby Phillips had around being consistent with fitness.  resources and links are below :)

what’s the best way to be consistent?

  • stay injury free.


how do we stay injury free?

  • focus on the movements and doing them properly, vs the speed, time, or weight.
  • when a movement comes up that you can’t do, still come to the workout.  if you have to modify, understand, everything is moving you in the direction of getting better.
  • everything affects everything.  as you continue to focus on your movements and perfecting them, and even perfecting your modifications, you’re moving in the direction of getting better at everything.


questions that came up?

  • what about coaching each other in class?  cheering people on is great.  leave the coaching to the coaches.
  • what if I see a movement I can’t do?  still show up!  we are just looking to get a workout, and get relatively better than we were before.


how to stay consistent by addressing the other foundations.

fitness is only part of health!  commit to 1 hour of power 4 to 5 days a week, and then spend the rest of your time dialing in our other foundations, especially the following:


basic supplement recommendations for healing and recovery.

  • magnesium.  I sell the best one for $17 per bottle, and it’s legit. 3 per night so that you’re getting at least 300 mg of magnesium per evening.  magnesium is a synergistic mineral, it helps with healing, muscle contraction, and can also help with sleep.  if you don’t get it from us, you can try this one from Amazon.
  • fermented cod liver oil. has EPA & DHA which are crucial for anti-inflammation and healing.  but this brand also has balanced levels of vitamins A & D which are synergistic together.  3 capsules per day get this one and only this one
  • collagen peptides.  this is the main thing the body needs to repair and rebuild connective tissues such as ligaments, joints, and cartilage.  I would get this one and take 2 full scoops per evening meal or whenever you can get it in.
  • vitamin D3.  for anti-inflammation.  everyone would benefit from 2000-5000 iu’s per day, ESP if you’re not getting out in the sun like I am.   so I’d do this one.  1 capsule per day with food.
  • vitamin K2.  this is a crucial nutrient for orchestrating all the other ones listed above.  K2 tells the body HOW to use minerals and HOW to rebuild.  I love this one.  1 per day with food.
  • MCT oil (optional).  I sell a really good one here in my office, it’s great to assist in metabolic flexibility.  take this one 3 times per day morning, midday and evening. you can also try this one.
Paul C. Tijerina

Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach